Saturday, August 14, 2010

My Three Wips

Frederick by Carriage House Samplings

That title sounds a bit hinky for my first blog post but oh well. The first three cross stitch projects I am working on are Frederick as seen above, Miss Mary Mack by La D da, and the Nora Corbet Fairy letters to spell out my grandaughter's name.

(Grandaughter's name is Ava)

I have finished the inside diamond border on Fred and am working on the black outside border today. The fabric is a toasted almond in 28 ct, and I am using weeks dye works floss. This pattern is relatively simple and I am enjoying stitching it in the evenings. Miss Mary Mack is almost fnished. All I need to do for her is pick up some more black floss to finish the bottom half of her dress. Everything else is finished, and then it will be time to sing my favorite cross stitching finishing song~

Happy, happy, Joy, joy.
Happy, happy, Joy, joy.

Happy, happy, Joy, joy, joy!!

Trust me, what it lacks in lyrics it more than makes up for in leg moves! You can see it in the right hand column.

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