Monday, August 16, 2010


I know many of you feel the same way. With us it's the heat and humidity. On top of that I have found out that after some travel I picked up a parasite from some bad water, lovely. It hasn't been fun and if I had invested some money into the Charmin stocks a few years back, I would be making money today for sure, if you get my meaning!
So between the heat/humidity and my little friend I have to drink non-stop so I don't dehydrate. It should run it's course in another week thank goodness, but as I say, things could always be worse....thanks for indoor plumbing!

I made a little more progress on Frederick today between running around town and in blogland. There are so many wonderful stitchy sites out there and I can't wait to make some friends. So much to go through as learn as well. I'm loving it!

I guess I should be off to bed now, Riley (my puppy) is waiting to cuddle.

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