Thursday, August 19, 2010

Introducing our pup Riley!

Say hello to Riley!

Hi! I'm Riley and I just moved in. My new momma is always saying, "What a little character!" I think that means she has recognized how smart I am. I am part boxer (which I don't think I will take up professionally) and black lab (whatever that is). My feet seem to be much too big for me and I have been stopped by law enforcement more than once, while on my evening walk, on the suspicion of drunkeness. I have lots and lots of energy and I LOVE my toys. In fact I am demanding that mommy go to the store and purchase some more for my toy basket.

My totally favorite thing to do is go for that evening walk. Since we live in a housing development (see, I told you I was smart) there are plenty of grown ups, other doggy friends, and oddles of children all excited to see me. Our walks take a looooooong time as you can imaging with all that people licking, and puppy butt sniffing going on. (Hey, what can I say, that's how I roll.) It's a great time with all the other doggy people, especially the ones that have the great big puppies that I like to taunt. I can take 'em on, and then I'll kiss 'em all over!

So far things are great at my new house. There is this little slinky cat thing that shows up every once in a while that they call "shy baby" (yeah, stupid cat). She's pretty sneaky, but I'll get her yet! I've already had her food, and a little taste of what she leaves behind in the sand box...not bad. But the momma makes loud noises when I get caught in the act. What!? That cat's not using it anymore...think green!

Awwwwrrrrgghhhhh! I guess it's naptime. Later tatters!

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  1. Hello Riley, You sure are one handsome pup. You look a little like our Sidney who is Black Lab/Great Dane X and has a white chest just like you. I hope for your Mums sake you don't grow as big as him as you will eat her out of house and home, LOL.
    All the best, Shirley